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Venom Racing

Venom Racing


Well following a great 2016 season with the 1934 Ford where we broke the time and speed record for the car we were asked to go to the USA to crew at 2 meetings for ex pat Baz Young on his Nitro Funny Car. This was to be at Bowling Green, Kentucky and then onto Bakersfield, California. This was a great opportunity for 3 of us to take part in 2 of the greatest nostalgia meetings in USA. The aim was to qualify the car which had not happened in a few years. After many late nights and a super tune up from Jerry Newman the car qualified in the middle of the field of 16 cars out of 32 that had entered.


While at the track we met up with Richard Hartman who was also competing with the car I drove the previous year. Richard told me had a virtually new car for sale and it would come ready to race with all spares. Well that was like a red flag to a bull and as soon as I returned to the UK team Venom had a meeting to discuss the chance of us putting the deal together. I contacted companies who had partnered Venom Racing before and they like us, were pleased to see Venom  back racing in a Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car. This class is just about to take off in the UK with at least 10 cars either ready to run, have run in the last few years or new ones being built for 2017. The whole Venom team agreed nothing would change from how we have run the team for many years. A professionally turned out, spectator friendly dedicated team.


The car Venom will campaign is a Carbon Fibre 1971 Camaro on a Hartman / Horton chassis that has minimal runs on it. The engine and spare engine will be built at Richard Hartman's workshop and the whole car shipped to the UK for paintwork once the design has been drawn up and approved by all. The design is in the capable hands of Chief Wraps. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following companies for their continued support:


J A Mackenzie Haulage - http://jamackenziehaulage.co.uk

NGK spark plugs - http://www.ngkntk.co.uk

Super Power Unlimited - http://superpowerunlimited.co.uk

MHD Group Ltd - http://www.mhdgroupltd.moonfruit.com


Since the above we have competed at 3 rounds of the Nostalgia Funny Car Series. The first we had Richard Hartman over to set the car up and go through the running of the car with the crew. The second one was the Summer Nationals where all was good and we won the meeting with a 6.5 second run. Finally we were competing in the Cannonball at the Dragstalgia meeting. The aim here was to be consistent with 3 runs as they are added together and the quickest 2 cars go through to the final.

Venom achieved this after a stout effort from all the crew, then raced Ramon with the Wildr at Heart car in the final. Ramone was running 2 tenths quicker than us so I knew I had to get a good start. I managed to get to good a start and went 0.1 of a second to quick. This was till one of the great races over the weekend with there being 0.056 between us over the finish line. Congrats to all the teams that competed you did the class proud.


Below the crew working hard getting car ready inbetween events - the Venom team won the last event achieving a time of 6.5 at 215 mph