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Venom Racing

venom racing history

Venom Racing History

Venom Racing was formed in 2005 with a view to regain the European record they held for 7 years. The newly formed Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association was organised at the same time to encourage all different forms of race cars to compete for the quickest and fastest fuel altered category. The cars had to be of a nostalgic look and were overseen by the Motor Sport Association and the Federation International Automobile as well as the Technical directors at the tracks. The engines are capable of producing 3 to 4000 hp and go from a standing start reach 100 mph in under 1 second and with a top speed of 250 mph.

The Venom Racing car is loosely based on a '71 Camaro on a purpose built chassis, which incorporates a proven combination of a bullet proof Ford 9” rear axle with a Lenco gearbox and an all aluminium Keith Black Hemi engine.

The Venom Racing team is made up of 3 Technicians from Fords at Dunton, 2 Company Directors and various other team members who deal with marketing and detailing. My name is Tony Betts and I am the owner / driver and have been involved in the sport for some 25 years having driven up through the classes to achieve my goal of driving a nitro car. You will find a friendly family atmosphere whenever we are around the car as all the wives and partners are involved one way or another within the team. I am please to say I don’t think you could find a more pleasant and approachable team at any race track in the world.

Over the past 25 years Venom Racing have raced all over the UK as well as Germany and Malta. We took the Maltese record in 1991 with a car we sold to the now European Top Alcohol team Mr Whippy. We also held the NFAA record and was the first Alcohol altered into the 6 second time for the quarter of a mile.

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